Conservation volunteering with CVA, week 1 

After arriving having no idea what to expect I’ve had a fairly eventful week. There’s 9 volunteers living in the house I’m staying in and we all come from HK, Shanghai, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Scotland (me!). In evenings we have to cook together and it’s interesting to see how other nationalities eat. It was also very interesting to see how after one round of beer pong one of the Chinese boys projectile vomited, so it’s fair to say not every nationality can drink! 

Luckily I had the weekend off as soon as I arrived. I made a German friend and together we went on a fast jet boat called ‘bad fishy’ on which we were lucky enough to spot a crocodile basking on the side of the river. He was a cutie.

The work here is hot, sometimes easy sometimes hard, and very varied. Here are a few things to mention:

Going to ‘hippy town’ Kuranda to do vegetation work and meeting the cutest bush Turkey I’ve ever seen. Here we did vegetation work on a habitat built specifically for Cassowary’s, one of Australia’s most endangered birds. 

We also got a sneak peak of Barron Gorge.

We also did some weed control at Cattana Wetlands.

Wednesday’s work was indoors at the James Cooke University. We joined the ‘Northern bettong project’ to help fix traps for Bettongs, an endangered small animal found only in some of Queensland that resembles a small kangaroo crossed with a rat. 

 Thursday’s work was also very rewarding as we were brought into Redlynch school to help young kids (in grade 5) learn how to plant trees in their school frog pond. My group consisted of 4 incredibly cute little girls who were so tiny they could hardly dig with a handheld shovel! The school was so grateful for our help they gave us free food and a certificate. So cute. 

Friday was spent pulling vines off trees to control their spread which can be detrimental to bush life. Work was cut short early and we went to Holloways beach.

And on the way home in an education centre we got to meet the cutest little baby croc!

Saturday (day off) we went fly boarding, it was absolutely insane. So much fun.

And Sunday we went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef! Probably one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life.

Anyway peace out for now 

X x x x


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