After the most horrendous, sleepless and delayed 43 hour journey I finally arrived in Cairns at 7am on Tuesday morning and made it to my hotel. Too excited to sleep I had a quick 4 hour nap and got up an explored, and that is pretty much all I have done with my time here! I haven’t done much because a) I am by myself which limits you! And b) I will get days off once a week to come here and I am also staying for another few days after my project with Luke. 

The hotel I’m staying in was the last room they had left and had no window, so I have been trying to stay outside as much as I can! Below is a picture of the lagoon, a public swimming area (with free wifi!) The sun sets very early here as it is winter which feels strange. 

There are also crocodile warnings here although I haven’t seen any yet unfortunately. 

It is now Thursday evening here and I’m just chilling waiting for tomorrow to come. I start my project tomorrow at 11am at the CVA offices in Cairns. I still don’t yet know what I will be doing as they only let you know upon arrival! It could be anything from tree planting to monitoring wildlife. I have been told I could be staying in anything from a hostel or shearers quarters to a tent, so it should be interesting.  I may get wifi, or I may not get it at all so I will do my best to write my blog once a week if I can. 

Jenna X 


2 thoughts on “CAIRNS (DAY 1-3) 

  1. John Murray says:

    Oh goodness what a journey. But at least you are safe there. Enjoy your induction, hope you are doing summat interesting? Remember to look at the stars as all the ones down there are a wee bit different??? xx

    Liked by 1 person

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