Tattoos mean different things to different people. For me, it’s what I think of when I look at them. This may be a person, a thing, a time, a place or just a fond memory. Although I haven’t ‘manned up’ and got any large ones yet, it’s fair to say I have caught the tattoo addiction as in the space of a year since my very first tattoo I am now on my fourth. For me it’s not so much what other people see when they look at them but what I see. Here are my inspirations…..

Tattoo no.1:

I decided I wanted something small but meaningful for my first tattoo, and relatively hidden, hence the hip placement. You can actually only see it in more revealing bikinis, not many people would actually know it’s there. I’ve always loved turtles and they absolutely fascinated me. When I was five years old on our way to live/work in NZ and Australia for 4 months we had a stop-over in Fiji and I remember buying a turtle necklactattoo 1e, which I still have. The necklace design was very similar to this tattoo so (although I am crap at drawing and can barely illustrate a successful stick man) I drew up a design and plucked up the courage to go and get it (taking Anna with me to hold my hand of course). So this tattoo reminds me of the sea (my favourite thing/place in the world), symbolises my love for turtles and also reminds me very much of that necklace I got on the amazing island of Fiji.

Tattoo no.2:

tattoo2Tattoo 2

This tattoo was probably the most rash major decision I’ve ever made in my life but I don’t regret it one bit as every time I even think of getting it I just laugh. I was en-route to a Lady Gaga concert last October (incredibly cliché ..I know) when on the way down to Glasgow I consumed a rather copious amount of alcohol and made the sudden decision I wanted a spontaneous tattoo. Literally the first thing that popped into my mind was a paw print, as I knew it was something that symbolised my love for animals and that I wouldn’t grow tired of. We jumped off the train and I googled the first and nearest tattoo shop and voi-la. Non, je ne regrette rien.

Tattoo no.3:

Tattoo 3

Recently myself and Tash went to visit our best friend Kimberly as she was living and studying in Strasbourg, France for a year. Despite dropping out of my French class at uni because I found it dull (the language isn’t quite so beautiful when you have to analyse every grammar aspect of it) I have always loved the French language and how it sounds. Even saying something horrible in French just makes it sounds so elegant.

When asked to describe me in a few words my Mum has always just said ‘thrill seeker’. I’ve always sought adrenaline and when it comes to doing things the riskier the better. I’m the idiot that would happily swim with great whites, give me any size of spider and I’d hold it, and when it comes to heights nothing phases me. I’m definitely not the type of person I can imagine sitting in an office for the rest of my life, no matter how large the pay-cheque is, although sometimes I’m tempted by money. Poursuis tes rêves means ‘chase your dreams’, therefore I got this tattoo to remind myself to do exactly that.

Tattoo no.4:

I actually only got this tattoo today (Saturday 11th July 2015). I planned on getting an elephant in Australia on my ankle and when I showed my mum it she liked it so much that I somehow convinced her to get one too. It’s my mum’s favourite animal and always has been. The Chinese believe that when an elephant’s trunk is up it promotes good luck and prosperity, so hopefully this will keep me safe on my travels.


As of tomorrow I am travelling to Australia and will arrive on Tuesday before starting work on my conservation project on Friday. I will keep you updated!


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